New York City. July.
I want to see the Cloisters but it looks out of the way and I have to consider the time as well.
(05-28-2012, 07:27 PM)joe17 Wrote:   If you care for cheesecake, try Juniors in Grand Central Terminal, or the Carnegie Deli.

(06-02-2012, 08:09 PM)CrusaderKing Wrote: Each of the 5 Boroughs of NYC have much to see. Will you be staying in Manhattan when you visit?

Yes. It cost a bit more than people have been suggesting... But I didn't want to share a bathroom. I will be on Long Island Saturday night so most likely no Mass plans in NYC itself.
Just one correction of sorts from my previous post.  St Jean de Baptiste is on Lexington Ave at 76th St.  Besides it being a very beautiful church,  it also has part of the arm bone of St Anne, the Blessed Mothers mother.  It has been there since 1892 when the Msgr from Europe was bringing the armbone to St Anne De Beaupre in Quebec.  When he finally got to Quebec, he got permission to bring a large piece of the bone back to Manhattan for good.  Cures occurred there through St Anne's intercession.  Hundreds of thousands visited during it's initial short stay.  It is in a reliquary in the shrine there.  One of the must visit churches in city.
  Pricey isn't the word.  Staying in Brooklyn or Queens can bring it down a little bit.  New Jersey can be a bit cheaper, but you would depend more on buses than the subway for access.
  I have been to the Pershing Diner(pretty neat how that built it under the bridge-don't waste any space).  Good place for a meal and meeting people.
  Enjoy the cheesecake!

BUMP. Two weeks! Who's going to be there?
I'll be around of course, since I live in New York, but not sure I can meet with the group or not.  Having a 6-month-old makes your schedule totally unpredictable.

But I will try and I'll be following this thread.
Let me know the day we're supposed to get together and where and I'll see if I can make it. Someone should bring a digital camera and upload the photos here to FE.
Holy innocents is good. I have been there several times
Tentative schedule.
Thursday: Arrive.
Friday: Museums and churches.
Sat-Sun: Long Island.
Monday: Statue of Liberty.
Tuesday: Depart.

The friend I'm visiting will be working during the day so I'll be on my own for most touristy stuff, unless Fisheaters want to tag along. Dunno about mixing real and online friends but we'll see. :tinfoilhat:
2 days!!
I'm packing!!!
Aw!  I just was over on Long Island.  Too bad we missed each other. :((

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