ORthodox perspective of Traditionalist Catholics
Typical Eastern nonsense.

They are working from a deeply wounded perspective, construct their arguments upon this faulty foundation, and being that they are outside of Church, lack the gift of Wisdom.  The first few lines are jumbled nonsense meant to attack authentic Catholicism: of course they are in favor of the Novus Ordo over us, as in doing so this puffs up their assertion of diffused authority.

For example, this tract makes absolutely no sense:

Quote:Thus, when Roman Catholic traditionalists separate from Rome over issues of traditional practice, they obviously separate themselves from the very source of Roman Catholic authenticity. One can persuasively argue that since, unlike Orthodox, they do not attribute primacy to Holy Tradition, Roman Catholic traditionalists have no foundation on which to justify their schism from the Mother Church of Rome, especially when such separation is forbidden by the Pope himself, the very criterion of authenticity.

This is full of contradictions: If traditionalists have become separatists for disobeying the Pope (who according to this hetetical schismatic writer is the source of tradition), what does that say of the Easterners who to this day claim to excommunicate the Holy Father? 

In addition, this assessment betrays a rather blunt and profound confusion regarding the Papacy, as well as the importance of tradition in the Church.  It is just plain wrong and there is no need to delineate the specifics.

Easterners have a massive pride problem that approaches the blindness of the Jews.  They scream and cry about 1204 without any regard for the horrible murders of the pro-union and rightful leaders some years before.  The loss in 1453 was, in my view, Divine punishment for their intrigue against the West, who came to their aid and fought their own ****ing wars.  It was my ancestors in France, England and Italy who fought in the Holy Land while these scumbags were busying themselves with fantasies as to why the Roman Church was the seat of the enemy.  Not to mention trading with the enemy.

Of course many in the East honestly kept the Faith and the last Emperor died a martyr to the Catholic Church.  His people sadly rejected the sweet yoke of Christ in favor of the heavy load of the Sultan (if people want to read about corrupt prelates, take a look at the clergy in the East under the Turks and other Mohammedan regimes.  Spicey reading.)

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