ORthodox perspective of Traditionalist Catholics
Melkite, we are reduced to maybe a few million and that is being generous.

That we speak with confidence and no compromise is not pride.  We represent God's Church whose dioceses have been run over by child rapists and satanists.  It is not a time to cutely spin out perspectives.

With that said, I do not disagree that there are personal issues of pride/lust/covetousness in authentic Catholic communities.  However, no one is without sin and it is a ruse of the modernists to start a sort of inquisition of Traditional centers, as though they were some kind of encampments of Neo-Albigensians.


I understand where you are coming from and do not expect to turn your mind quickly; you are raising valid, reasonable points.  But consider, for example, my parish: a dry walled chapel of maybe 1200 families.  Our Rector preached against Vatican II, against the modern assault on the family, and has made himself available for various devotions that have been forgotten in the Novus Ordo.

There are enclaves of parishes that are keeping to the faith of the Fathers- and even have been granted outright jurisdiction.

Regarding ex catherda statements and disobedience:  The concept of Papal Infallibility has become warped in many circles, particularly those who are former Protestants who still, operationally speaking, are Protestants with weird Papological views.  The Pope can do a lot of things independent of the Faith, or tragically as we have seen, involving the Faith.  But solemnly, as Pope, teaching error is impossible.  That is what we believe.

The Pope, tragically, can go off and be a Rock Star or secular author and spout off all kinds of garbage.  This does bring scandal to the office, but it is not for me to focus on it.  James wrote very well why it is wrong to go down the route of attempting to ascertain the subjective state of a Pope; all we can do is pray and teach the true Faith.

Regarding the collapse of the institutional Church in the West: Yes, of course this is mega-punishment.  For the homosexual rings nurtured and defended.  For the compromise with the world.  For having such a high role and like the Jews, spitting upon Christ.  So absolutely, we are being punished like never before because this is a spiritual chastisement that is overwelming to contemplate in number of souls lost.

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