ORthodox perspective of Traditionalist Catholics
(05-13-2012, 11:05 PM)Silouan Wrote: Spoken like a true modern Roman Catholic. I spent years on CAF with Catholics explaining to me that various papal statement don't really mean what they say. The funny thing is they would normally come up with the opposite actual meaning from you. 8)

That's not my fault that you spent years on CAF with those idiots.  I was eventually kicked off of there for explaining Catholicism correctly.  They don't like non-modernist explanations that fit with perennial teaching over there.  Infallibility doesn't guarantee clarity, it prevents error from being imposed.  The fact that liberal Popes try to dance around the hard truths is an aspect of bad character, not a fault of the institution of the papacy.

I pointed out objectively that there was no contradiction.  If you can point out the contradiction objectively go ahead.  "Access to salvation" is not "Salvation"  Pope Eugene drew the line as 'Before death."  One year, one hour, one second it could be. I know qualifiers are difficult things to deal with but deal with them we must. 

You can't just put a veil over everything and blow smoke around it  till you forget the question all the time. 

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