ORthodox perspective of Traditionalist Catholics
(05-13-2012, 11:51 PM)Norbert Wrote: Gerard, I hate to take the "wrong side" here, but the VII BS has officially created half (more) of a generation of Catholics (if not more generations) who believe that you get to heaven by "being a good person" (basically, not be a murderer or rapist) because an angel will visit you the second you're dying, because God "loves everyone".

No, they don't believe that at all. They believe God is a liar who can lie because He's God. And He'll break His own Word because He's allowed to.  That's the post-conciliar belief/error.  Again, the angel coming to instruct someone is St. Thomas Aquinas, the last minute conversion is St. John Vianney, the miraculous work of God is the deacon Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  That's the pre-conciliar understanding.

Quote: Whether Eugene was right or not (I believe he was) is not the point. 

Our recent popes, blessed allegedly with the charism of infallibility have let us down to say the least.

I don't dispute the fact that the recent Popes are disappointment.  But we have to be honest about what they do and say specifically and formally.  The fact that they make their statements ambiguous enough to lead others into heretical beliefs without formally going into heresy themselves is lamentable but accurate. 

Pope Eugene was absolutely correct in his definition, JPII's wording must be objectively capable of fitting Eugene's definition.  The fact that people draw inferences from JPII that are heretical doesn't count.  Even if JPII interiorly agreed with the inference drawn by others, the inferences are not a part of the objective words of the magisterium. 

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