The Second Vatican Council is Poison from Hell
Can there be any doubt of this fact!? >sad

Everywhere the lunacy of this council infects the Church of Christ!

The laceration of His Mystical Body is horrifying!

It is Judas himself at the Last Supper!

Reject this Satanic thing with all your being!!!
The Vicar of Christ thinks differently.
What I want to say in response to that can only be said in the Cornfield.
I wonder if you've read all the Council's documents. Just wondering. Few people have actually read the documents.
I've read them.  Also post-conciliar.

I own a fat English translation of the whole lot of it.  I can recognize a moral compromise when I hear it or read it.  God knows I've made enough of them for myself in my life...
That Vatican II is a moral and theological compromise with modernity is beyond any reasonable doubt.

If the documents themselves were prone to dubious interpretation, the post-conciliar magisterium has cleared all doubts and realised the rupture intended.
Anybody else hear about how a bunch of the originals of the council documents are missing??  I got an awful feeling the modernists are keeping them safe, just in case a Trad slips past the next conclave with some gasoline and matches...
You mean that Trojan Horse called Vatican II which allowed the Eye of Sauron to penetrate the walls of the citadel where now even the Vicar of Christ shudders upon its gaze.
The very one.

Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  Something is building.  God has His own Conspiracy in the works...
I hear you brother.

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