Father Leonard Feeney (1897-1978)
(05-17-2012, 08:15 PM)Parmandur Wrote: If Vatican II had followed the plan of the Synod of Rome, his views would have been properly anathemized.  Feenyism is only not officially a heresy because of Modernist interference.

Maybe God didn't want it defined? Maybe some things are left with a little mystery? I know there have been Popes who wanted to definitively settle the predestination debates, but for various reasons haven't.

Fr. Cekada has a helpful article where he traces the doctrine of Baptism of Desire in the teaching of a bunch of theologians and while all teach it, only a handful teach it as de fide or fidei proxima. Most teach it as theologically certain or common doctrine.  The censure for these is merely temerity, rather than heresy. This work defining the notes says this about  rejecting such a doctrine (usually a mortal sin):

"Proportionately grave reason can sometimes justify an individual who has carefully studied the evidence in dissenting from such a proposition; since it is not completely impossible for all the theological schools to err on such a matter, although it would be highly unusual and contrary to an extremely weighty presumption."

Sure it appears in the CCC and the Roman Catechism, but Catechisms in general leave a doctrine at the level it is (this was made explicit by then Cardinal Ratzinger regarding the CCC).

This is probably why denial of baptism of desire is not seen as sufficient for breaking communion with the Church and may, in some cases, not even be a sin.

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