Thank you
(05-19-2012, 06:56 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: I've learned I'm about to become a grandmother (breaking news! I'm so excited I can't stand it! LOL). 

Awwww! I'm so excited for you! I know you've wanted to be an old granny for a looooong time!  :grin:
Ten years ago, Pilgrim and I moved away from DC - a move that opened up a whole new world for us.  We were desperately trying to understand how to make our faith come alive - something we had no example of in our own lives.  Somewhere along the way, we found your site and everything changed.  You opened our eyes to a Catholic culture that is still alive and vibrant - something we had only dreamt of.  THANK YOU!

And congratulations on being a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed, Vox, you also deserve a measure of thanks; Fisheaters has proven to be a valuable source for me when I discovered what the Traditional Mass was all about and what exactly happened in the post-VII era - and why the pre-VII era was a better thing.

FE has been for me an online place of comfort as I contend with the hammer-blows my marriage has recently received and as I prepare to deal with the teeth-grinding frustration of a religiously-mixed household. The prayers I've received from the good members here I know have helped me immensely in that as well helped me as I struggle to drag myself out of the spiritual ditch I ended up in as a result of those hammer-blows. If a few bucks a month can be helpful to FE, then a few bucks a month I will give - at least until I can give more and make more of a difference.

Our Lord said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. Every traditional Catholic is a tiny testament to that promise, and such as FE are living proof of our Lord's words. To Vox and to God I am very thankful for the spiritual resource FE has proven to be - and I know will continue to be :)
Thank you for everything you do for this site and forum, Vox. I often wonder where I'd be without FE. When I watch my wife play with our daughter I'm often reminded of how lucky I am to have found this place. Your time and effort (which I'm sure have often felt unrewarded) have literally changed my life. I can't thank you enough for that.

And I hope we're all here, in whatever strange way the Internet exists, in another ten years.

Thanks Vox. If you hadn't created FE... I'd still be lost. I appreciate your work on the site so much. And am glad to have met a few friends I would have never met otherwise. :)
Thanks for all you do, Vox, it's great to log on and have adult conversations through the day!
Great work on the website and forum.

God bless you.
(05-20-2012, 08:41 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(05-20-2012, 08:02 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote:
(05-20-2012, 07:40 AM)Jacafamala Wrote: I still haven't picked out my older children's spouses yet, so no babies for them until I do!  :grin: I do have some prospects (children of girlfriends), just have to see how to get our kids together. What's the best way--without being too obvious?

Invite them to a big Chinese dinner. Give the two pre-prepared fortune cookies that read, "The person you will marry is in this room." Make sure to make a game of having guests read all the fortunes aloud :P.

When I had just been dating NOtard a short time we went out for Chinese food and I got a fortune cookie that said "you will marry your current relationship."  Obviously this method works.   :grin:

"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
I've just nixed the donations and decided to go all-out and purchase a proper subscription. My way of thanking the Lord for the raise I recently got at work.

Hoping it helps!

Wow, you guys are making me feel really, REALLY good! Thank you!!!

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