Bishops sue obama
(05-21-2012, 11:01 PM)NorthernTrad Wrote: Funny we keep hearing about the Constitution and nothing about the rights of Christ the King.   Without that this is all meaningless.

Once we establish that our rights come from the Judges behind the bench, then we certainly will not need Christ. At least when I hear it, that is the way the fight keeps sounding. Where are all the masses of reparation and the enthronements of the Sacred Heart?
I don't see how the Church can win here in the USA. Pluralism and Enlightement naturalism are the philsophies that this nation was founded on and are more powerful today then they were 200 years ago. The Church must simply stand up for the rights of our Lord and try to save souls. Certainly the bishops can try to use the courts and all that but quite honestly the odds are stacked against them. There is no place at the American Table for our Lord whatsoever. We are allowed to go to church on Sundays and have discussions like this but the system we live in has zero tolerance for those who would wish to transform society (Law, Education, Politics, Business, etc.) in Christ. The only "religious freedom" the State wishes to give us is the freedom to shut our mouths and play Catholic at home and in our chapels while living and acting like everyone else the rest of the time. What is needed is a miracle of grace.

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