Power struggles in the Vatican
Detailed article here- also discussing imminent appointments at CDF and Secretariat of State.
Talk about baaaad translation...

...anyhoo, this stood out to me:

Quote:"New Guard" does not give the expected backing of Pope
The truth is quite different. Behind the back of the Pope, two groups of the Roman Curia are in a bitter struggle against each other: the old guard, which Benedict XVI. wanted to overthrow after his election and the new guard, in which he placed his confidence, but which has not yet repaid that trust in reality. From it, he has not received the hoped-for support to strengthen the reform and renewal plan that Pope Benedict XVI envisions for the Church and with which he wants to equip the church for the third millennium.

These include profound reorientation such as in Europe taking leave of the traditional idea of a national church. It seems that different, heterodox old forces want desperately to hold on to the idea. To some extent they also include the paradox of "grassroots" groups that adorn themselves with the label of radical reformers. The Pope sees on the other hand faithful Catholics as a minority in Europe and ventures to speak for them in contrast to bishops and lay representatives . He sees his task is to strengthen the minority and not to indulge in the fiction of a national church, which no longer exists.

New Guard = Bertone and his cronies?
So we have a choice the old guard Cardinal Sodano's gang or the new guard Cardinal Bertone's crowd. Both groups have played games with the 3rd Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia. The statement that the new nuncio of the United States is a Sodano man does not sound good for bishop appointments here. I'm still wondering myself how Cardinal Levada ever got to be the head of the CDF (The Holy Office) Levada and his close buddy Archbishop George Niedbauer of San Francisco both turn 76 in June so the CDF and the Archbishop of San Francisco will be getting new men. Pray that a miracle occurs and both are orthodox, courageous and have zeal for the salvation of souls.

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