Vendée, 1793
I just found this great program which examines the culpability of the French Republic in the Vende'e genocide.  It's particularly good because they demonstrate how the French have used the "memory hole" for over 200 years as an effective tool in hiding the dreadful treatment of faithful Catholics.  Holocaust denial is a crime in France, the same should apply to denial of the Vende'e Terror.

Thank you. Marked for later viewing.
Thanks, Five O, I am just posting here so I can come back and check out the video.

Watched something else about the Vendee just as the HHS mandate came down. It made me want to put the Sacred Heart on the American flag and hang it up, but I don't know own an American flag apparently.
A few good items on the Vende'e:
Hawaii Five O, thanks for this.  What an imaginative way of telling this forgotten story. 

This is only indirectly related, but another story of Catholics who died unjustly and were forgotten:  I live in the parish of the oldest Catholic church in my city.  It served the Irish immigrants during the potato famine.  There's a plaque that says many of them were buried just east of the church.  I looked around for the graveyard, and finally realized it must be under that Catholic school playground just east of the church.  What a shame.  If it was aboriginal people who were buried and then paved over, it might raise a protest, but because they were Catholic, well ... 

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