Catholic Action Ideas
So I was writing a few checks the other day and a thought struck me.

What would happen if we started dating our checks based on the Catholic Calendar? I think it would start to send a message out there.

So yesterday, instead of writing May 29, 2012, we could write Whit Tuesday A.D. 2012.

First question to those of you who have ever worked in a bank. Would those checks clear?
Might be confusing, unless you also included the month and date, too.

A message that isn't clear isn't a message at all.
Did not mean to send that post out so soon.

We really ought to be spending some of our time doing little things like this to reclaim our country and world for Christ the King.

Why were we all baptized and confirmed? To argue about minutae with each other, or preach to the choir on internet forums?

Somehow I don't think so.

Petitions are not part of Catholic Action as it recognizes a higher authority than Christ and basically is an excercise in groveling to Mammon. "Please dear sirs, we recognize you as the ultimate authority, but could you throw us a bone?".

The only petitions a Catholic should be concerned with is prayer and his petition book.

Much work to be done in re-orienting the mind to a Catholic view.

If you have an idea, please drop it in this thread, which can be our electronic suggestion box.
I sometimes date my personal correspondence that way, but I'd be wary of doing it on legal documents or checks these days.

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