Ecumenical Archbishop Levada
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Archbishop Levada being incensed by an altar girl

Ecumenical Archbishop Levada:
Head of Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
by John Vennari

Updated intro from JV - 6/1/12: In light of the SSPX discussions with Rome, we are re-posting the following piece about Cardinal Levada, one of today's most liberal and ecumenical prelates who was hand picked by Pope Benedict XVI to be head of the Vatican's Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the Vatican Discastery whose purpose is supposed to be ensuring the integrity of the Faith.

Cardinal Levada was the head of Rome's side of the "doctrinal discussions” that took place with the Society of St. Pius X. It is unnerving to think that this man will have some sort of final say over the fate of the SSPX.

We now hear talk that Pope Benedict claims to need the SSPX to help him cure the crisis of Faith in the Church, even against the opposite sentiments of Vatican officials.

Yet if Pope Benedict really wants to correct the crisis in the Church:

• why would Pope Benedict appoint a man so thoroughly modernist to be head of the Vatican office to "defend the Faith”?

• and if Pope Benedict is somehow (as some people claim) forced to appoint such people in key positions, how will he be able to protect the SSPX if these Vatican officials demand concessions regarding the Council?

• And if Pope Benedict cannot even appoint a doctrinally upright prelate to be head of the Vatican office that is supposed to defend the Faith, how will he protect the SSPX from the onslaught by modernist bishops against the Society after any so-called "regularization”?

I invite you to read the following about Cardinal Levada – hand-picked by Pope Benedict XVI – and then ask yourself: Is picking a man like Cardinal Levada the action of someone who really wants to heal the crisis of Faith in the Church along the lines of Catholic Tradition?

Cardinal Levada: Rabid Ecumenist - First US Bishop to visit a Synagogue - Pioneer of "Spirit of Assisi" events in the US - Permitted Schismatic priests of Chinese Patriotic Church to celebrate Mass in His diocese - Claims Transubstantiation is a "long and difficult term we don't use any more"; Shaky Moral Teaching - More...

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My old archbishop!
If B16 can't pick an appropriate bishop to lead the CDF, what hope is there for him to pick the bishops of the SSPX?
But the CDF isn't infallible so everything it says or does is meaningless and should just be ignored by true Catholics!  :mrwinky:
(06-02-2012, 03:08 AM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: My old archbishop!

My old archbishop, too.  A friend of Tradition he was not....... :(
The good news is that Cardinal Levada  turns 76 in June and wants to retire, the bad news he will still be on the Congregation for Bishops till age 80.

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