Any Nutella fans out there?
(07-01-2012, 04:48 PM)Arun Wrote: we get Nutino for ouir childrten. samer kind of stuff buyt italian made ort something. the contyainer actially turns out to be a drinking glass when your done too.
i like marmite. its a superior version of vegemite ;)

DK!!!! Is that you??!?!!

sip sip?
I know that doctors recommend nutella for children who need to gain weight. I used to eat it, but I'm not a child anymore, and I definitely don't need to gain any more weight, so I had to leave off of it.  :'(
I think it tastes pretty good on vanilla ice cream.  It is big in Italy/Rome, that I know.
  It reminds me of when I was there a couple yrs back on pilgrimmage.  I wanted some water and stuff on my way from St Agnes back to the city so I stopped into a supermarket.  Waiting in line, in front of me was a woman who had in her carriage a container of "Philadelphia Cream Cheese".  I thought it was funny and, in a way, odd.  Here we are in a country that has a selection of cheese and there is a good old American product.
  Well, at least we are importing something and people are buying it.

(06-19-2012, 04:38 PM)Tulkas Wrote: My wife turned me on to it.  She is from the former Czechoslovakia, and it is big there.  That is how it got famous. 

The Italian maker sold it to the Eastern bloc Communist countries, and it was quite popular there and his business took off from that.

Dobry Den Tulkas,

Not true... I mean your history of Nutella... Though it is true that it was sold in Communist countries and popular there. But Nutella and its earlier versions were already HUGE in Italy. Ferrero sold it at the local market... and because it was found so yummy... it took off in a geometric progression.

My Mom lives in Alba, Piedmont, Headquarters of Nutella (Ferrero)... with the outlying hills full of Oresky as your signora would call 'em (hazlenut) trees. Now a preponderance of the hazelnuts come from other places (i.e. Turkey).

It's an industrial product, so there are far better cottage industry spreads. But who's complaining?

What's interesting in the history of Nutella is how "necessity was made a virtue"


An older recipe, Gianduja, was a mixture containing approximately 30% hazelnut paste and 70% chocolate. It was developed in Piedmont, Italy, after taxes on cocoa beans hindered the manufacture and distribution of conventional chocolate.

It looks like the price of nutella is going to go up in France.
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(11-23-2012, 02:23 AM)Poche Wrote: It looks like the price of nutella is going to go up in France.
??? ??? ???

I'll bet five euros that a black market will spring up.

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