Candles for Corpus Christi Procession
I would like to know how your churches prepare their outdoor altars for Corpus Christi processions.

The winds can cause a lot of havoc and makes it impossible to keep flames lit.  This year we had votive globes in the candelabras and they even were extinguished by the wind.  A person at a catalog store said they use hurricane globes over the candles and have one on each side of the monstrance.  I don't know what the proper amount of candles is to have in such situations but with hurricane globes, i can't imagine more than two on the altar.

He said the draft protectors that fit on top of the followers are just that, for drafts from heating or AC vents; not good enough to protect from the wind.

Any suggestions?   

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
God bless!!!

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