advice for a first-time drinker
Hello everyone:
Does anyone have advice for a first-time drinker. Although impossibe to believe, I have never really had any spirited drink. I have heard that many people enjoy such drinks and so I have decided to see for myself.
What sort of drink should I have? There are so many divers and sundry kinds of drinks, that I know not which one to have! Of course, I shall drink with moderation and only after Lent.
Thank you very much.
Chimay (grande reserve - it is a blue label) is a wonderful beer.  It is an old-time beer, made by Trappist monks, and is to be savored, not gulped like many modern so-called beers.
For a drink, I would suggest Drambuie with some fresh lemon squeezed into it, on ice.
I enjoy a good glass of Porto, too.
I know there will end up being so many suggestions to this thread (and good ones, too), you will need the rest of your life to try them all, and a serious bank account to get the necessary supplies.[Image: laff.gif]
Cheers, my good man.  A blessed Holy Week to you.[Image: tiphat2.gif]
Wow! I have heard that a drinks are like women: the good ones are rare to find and one must needs spend much to keep it [Image: laff.gif]
I am just kidding of course.
--- Glastonbury
a first drink......just get a few pints of Guinness and get it over with.
My Signature Drink is a Marker's Mark Manhattan on the rocks. (If you don't get it on the rocks tell the bartender to stir it not shake it.)
and yes I can tell the difference....[Image: beer2.gif]
Quote:My Signature Drink is a Marker's Mark Manhattan on the rocks. (If you don't get it on the rocks tell the bartender to stir it not shake it.)

and yes I can tell the difference....

Amen to that! Manhattan, I take mine sweet and certainly on the rocks. :amen::

Heads up :)

Just one piece of advice from a reformed drunk:

Nothing to excess.

Ditto on the not to excess.

You could probably stand to drink lots of water during your time as well, as this will prevent you from having a serious hangover.  If you do it in a 1:1 (water to alcohol) ratio, you should be fine.  Also, if you hurt yourself and need some sort of relief, aspirin will work (aceteminophen (Tylenol) and alcohol interact poorly with your liver, and ibuprofen (Advil) and alcohol crystalize in your bloodstream, aspirin just thins your blood).

As for your poisons starting out, you're well to do low proof (40-80) spirits such as rums, schnaaps and liqueurs, and beers and wines are okay.  Personally, Harp and Guiness are my choices for imported beers (although, you'd do well staying with the Harp because Guiness is definitely a meal in and of itself).  Domestically, depending on where you're at, I prefer Yuengling Lager.  It's a little darker, but at the same time, it's slightly more potent than a lot of beers (some states won't carry it because it has a higher alcohol content, and it's prevalent on the East Coast).

Again, just be responsible, don't overdo it and you'll be just fine.

AS it is your first time stick to beer, wine and spirits are very potent and it is far to easy to go overboard when your inexperienced.

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