Lol - I (most likely) have a rather rare cutaneous disease!
Just posting cos I thought this was hard case....

Usually i work in the cutting room at a local meat works plant (although we've just gone on layoffs last week) but during the last few weeks of the lamb/mutton season I did some days over in the offal room, basically feeding sheep heads through the head splitter then opening them like oysters and scooping out the brains - another guy would then package them six to a box and we export them to France.

Thing is, though, when you open the heads up you often cut yourself on the edges of the bone (sawed bone is often quite sharp) and somehow one of the cuts I have developed into a weird looking blister-type thing with a darker spot in the centre.

Turns out, according to a doctor I spoke to today, that it is in all likelihood probably something called "orf" which is relatively rare to occur in humans - although if you're going to get it the meat industry is probably where you will get it.

What's even rarer though is that it normally occurs more often in the fellmongery as it's usually the skin that passes it on, but although I have spent some time in the fellmongery I already had the thing prior to that - it developed after doing brains as I mentioned. This makes it a little more unusual.

Just thought it was kinda cool lol. Something different, anyways....

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