Lol - I (most likely) have a rather rare cutaneous disease!
What are colloids?

"Colloids are common in everyday life. Some examples include whipped cream, mayonnaise, milk, butter, gelatin, jelly, muddy water, plaster, colored glass, and paper.

Every colloid consists of two parts: colloidal particles and the dispersing medium. The dispersing medium is the substance in which the colloidal particles are distributed. In muddy water, for example, the colloidal particles are tiny grains of sand, silt, and clay. The dispersing medium is the water in which these particles are suspended.

Colloids can be made from almost any combination of gas, liquid, and solid. The particles of which the colloid is made are called the dispersed material. Any colloid consisting of a solid dispersed in a gas is called a smoke. A liquid dispersed in a gas is referred to as a fog.

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The electric current passed through high grade silver suspended in pure or distilled water simply acts as the method of dispersal. Colloidal silver is simply a liquid suspension of silver particulate in liquid.High grade store sold silver is produced in exactly the same manner as home-made varieties but to a different scale.

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