Lol - I (most likely) have a rather rare cutaneous disease!
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(06-18-2012, 09:17 PM)Rosarium Wrote: I can go find articles against the use, medical citations,

I bet you can't find 2.I can find many citing the medical efficacy of CS for all manner of issues.

Here is one, which is a government agency with a medical purpose (note, you appealed to modern cannot reject this source without repealing all the "medical" claims you used earlier):

Quote:Colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Scientific evidence does not support the use of colloidal silver to treat any disease, and serious, irreversible side effects can result from its use.

Colloidal silver products are often marketed as dietary supplements with various unproven health-related claims. This fact sheet provides a general overview of colloidal silver and suggests sources for additional information.

Key Points
* Colloidal silver is not safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.
* Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually not treatable or reversible.
* The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have taken action against a number of companies (including some companies that sell products over the Internet) for making drug-like claims about colloidal silver products.
* Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.

Oh dear,we know we are scraping the barrel of credulity when we have to go to the Gubberment for our info.Anyway here we go:

The first reference cited in your first link has very little to say about negative effects of silver and I quote::

Quote: "Exposure to high levels of silver for a long period of time may result in a condition called arygria, a blue-gray discoloration of the skin and other body tissues. Lower-level exposures to silver may also cause silver to be deposited in the skin and other parts of the body; however, this is not known to be harmful. Argyria is a permanent effect, but it appears to be a cosmetic problem that may not be otherwise harmful to health.

Exposure to high levels of silver in the air has resulted in breathing problems, lung and throat irritation, and stomach pains. Skin contact with silver can cause mild allergic reactions such as rash, swelling, and inflammation in some people.

Animal studies have shown that swallowing silver results in the deposit of silver in the skin. One study in mice found that the animals exposed to silver in drinking water were less active than unexposed animals.   [so what?]

No studies are available on whether silver affects reproduction or causes developmental problems in people."

Firstly there are no medical citations or evidence linked to in this "reference" to support any of the above claims.

Lets start with Argyria.This is the big one every looses their rattle over.There are zero recorded cases of pure,non saline CS ingestion causing this condition. The famous Blue man we see all over the web was rubbing silver salts (totally different chemical substance) into his skin and amplifying the effect by using tanning beds.He also drank gallons of his Colloidal silver salt compound every week for years.You don't use salts in the production of CS.The problem is that presence of salt produces a large silver salt particles such as silver chloride in addition to making fine particle CS. Apparently, silver salts, not the fine-particle colloidal silver is what can cause argyria. Otherwise, there would be far more cases of this type of argyria being reported.

Wikipedia states:
"Argyria (ISV from Greek: ἄργυρος argyros silver + -ia) is a condition caused by improper exposure to chemical forms of the element silver, silver dust, or silver compounds"

Silver,pure silver in liquid suspension does not have any of the chemical attributes needed to cause Agyria.End - off. I have been ingesting  CS for years and guess what? Not even a hint of blue tint anywhere.Anyone developing Argyria has always done so by being exposed to various chemical silver compounds such as those used in Photography or other industrial processes.

Incidentally,The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) describes argyria as a "cosmetic problem",which is not harmful, but it is mildly disfiguring and thus some people find it to be socially debilitating."

The medical literature records just one death attributed to the regular use of C.S. and even then it wasn't a definitive conclusion from all I can gather and underlying conditions are not discounted..Compare this deadly statistic to annual deaths from all manner of over the counter drugs including aspirin!

The reference dose for CS, published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1991, which recommends the estimated daily exposure which is unlikely to incur an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime, is 5 µg/kg/d; meaning 5 microgram of silver per kilogram of weight per person each day – about 1 litre of 10 ppm colloidal silver per month for a 66 kg person

The fourth reference on your first link leads to the following statement regarding C.S. and toxicity:
  "Indiscriminate use of silver products can lead to toxicity such as argyria."

I totally agree with this statement even though statistically this is of low likelihood. Not being discriminating about the type of silver you use is silly (although not actually dangerous) .This is why I make my own.I have complete control over the grade and purity of the water and silver I use.And there is no need to drink gallons of the stuff weekly.

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