Lol - I (most likely) have a rather rare cutaneous disease!
(06-19-2012, 08:28 AM)Rosarium Wrote: At the bottom are a load of references.

Here is a good one:

Quote:Legitimate medicinal use of silver-containing products has dramatically diminished over the last several decades. Recently, however, some manufacturers have begun to enthusiastically promote oral colloidal silver proteins as mineral supplements and for prevention and treatment of many diseases. Indiscriminate use of silver products can lead to toxicity such as argyria.

Like I said, I knew what I was saying...

Quote:Arun, the main reason I suggested you dab on some CS  (I mean really,it can't hurt at worst)
At worst, it can.

Quote: was due to a recent spate of Brown recluse spider bites in our area.The venom creates a nasty nasty wound.Someone fixed theirs right up with topical and ingested CS. Quite remarkable.
A new scientific method! So much for data, double blind studies, and science in general.

Quote:And believe preps are extensive and cover all the bases.Thanks for the concern.
The good news is, you can stop wasting silver and use it as an investment or towards a fruitful end. The bad news is you have to revise your position. demonstrated above your link and "references" were pretty pallid.Nothing definitive as expected and loaded with ambiguity,lack of content and precise information.Certainly nothing that supports your fear mongering and belligerent negativity.Now,I could go own and post you lots and lots of studies and citations (real ones) showing the efficacy of silver in medicine going back 100 hundred years or more.I won't bother though because your not going to read anything.
Anyone reading this discourse Im sure will be capable of their own research and making their own conclusions based on the balance and weight of evidence on either side of this issue.
Worth pointing out that your own defense also provided very little  data, no blind studies or actual scientific papers. Oh the Irony   :grin:

still  think you know better than me?

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