Lol - I (most likely) have a rather rare cutaneous disease!
(06-19-2012, 12:21 AM)Pheo Wrote:
(06-18-2012, 08:34 PM)Arun Wrote: Pheo - have you some experience with this? Please don't hesitate to share what you know!

No direct experience, but it's covered in one of my skin textbooks.  Yes, those are as boring as they sound.  Anyway there are a few case reports you can find of some prescription creams that might help (like this one), but they also mention that it's a benign, self-limiting condition.

Still, make sure you follow up with your GP.  You want to make sure it's just orf before you go ahead and do nothing about it!

Went to a hospital GP (mine was closed at the time) due to an onset of fiery painful rash, swelling all across the hands, and blister looking things. Confirmed the lesion itself is orf. Unsure about the blistery-things - they could be erythema multiforme, but the colours are wrong (mine are white in the centre with a red ring on the outside) and the massive swelling doesn't seem consistent with that either. I have been given a strong lecture about the possibility of pemphigoid developing and that if I detect it getting into the fluidy blister stage I gotta rush into hospital. Well, this could be the early stage of pemphigus possibly but there's not really fluid in them at all so mabe not...?

Make things worse - the doctors were just looking stuff up on the same site I did ( so perhaps there's a bit of shakey ground beneath me in terms of what exactlyis going on!

The swelling is massive - my fingers are like distorted sausages and my palms and stuff are all ballooned out in weird directions. Two of my fingers aren't getting circulation properly - although they're not terrible but it certainly is noticeable - due to the swelling "squeezing" on them.

These blister things continue to spread, the back of my hands have started developing more and the ones on my palms have spread to the wrists and around the sides of my hands.

It hurts - I wasn't planning on drinking today but I think I might have to due to lack of options. Dulling my senses will probably help right now as there's nothing that can really be done for any of this at this point.

I've been taking ibuprofen for the pain and also naproxen that I had left over from another injury a few months ago, hoping the naproxen might work against some of the swelling.

The itch is another thing driving me mad. It itches intensely. But when you scratch it, after a little while, it hurts. Bad. It's a mix of a burning sensation, stinging, and a feeling like bruising. Last night my wife said I started scratching in my sleep and then just didn't stop. I woke up to the pain, went groaning around in pain on the floor for a bit lol then chucked some calamine on there. That enabled me to get about two hours sleep lol. Then the pain came back with the itch as well.

I'm really hoping something happens so that I can just go back into town and get some kind of treatment done with it, but at this stage we gotta conserve gas and they'd probably just send me home again anyways so I just gotta wait...

So, yeah, definitely been given a massive cookie from heaven on this one! Heaps to offer up! Lol.

Just wanted to describe some of this to ya to see whether you thought it might be indicative of either of the two things we suspect it to be, anyway, Pheo.

Cheers mate.

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