Pope Benedict says the reasons for clerical abuse are still ‘a mystery’
(06-23-2012, 11:53 AM)Habitual_Ritual Wrote: A nice bit of synchronicity here. I read this editorial from Christian Order Magazine over breakfast.It nails the current problems with post V2 language as observed in this recent Papal Linguistic Faux Pas.

There was nothing especially unclear or problematic about the actual words of the Pope.  When the hostile media distorts his message and reports it in a misleading way, that is not a faux pas.  It is dishonesty, and not on the part of the Pope.  There seem to be some Catholics who are prepared to believe the worst of the Pope while uncritically accepting whatever garbage the media spews.  Such people need to learn to direct their skepticism more appropriately.
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(06-23-2012, 02:54 PM)jonbhorton Wrote: HR,

Apply that now to the Bible and you see the flaw in such an accusation. Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Let everyone else make the choice to plug their ears on the way to Hell. Shake the dust bro, no use in calling down fire from heaven on the Vatican. The ref ain't gonna throw a flag in your favor, I can guarantee.

Lol...you think the Post V2 Church currently enjoys God's good Graces?  The Fatima revelations would not support this contention. It is often said that God allows a sinful man to enjoy the fruits of faithlessness  to further heap coal-fire over his own head by his own hand, further enslaving himself to his own iniquity.A sound argument that this is the current state of play for a faithless Church militant can easily be made.

The post Vatican 2 Church is the Church of all time. The Spirit of Vatican 2 is what you take issue with, not Vatican 2. If one knows the faith and reads those documents from that perspective, there are certainly some hard to reconcile parts, but we must also realize that even in other councils there were some issues with wording which were clarified. Those issues were clarified in an age without the internet, and all of the media attention. They sometimes took much longer than 50 years to clarify.

One would have no more basis of understanding the Bible properly, even with its very hard to understand parts and seemingly contradictory language, without knowing also the Tradition of which it only speaks of in passing, though in an exhorting manner.  How can we expect anyone who starts with Vatican 2, as if it's the Didache, to get a single thing? Vatican 2 documents, like the Catechism, must be read with proper doctrine in mind.

The paradox is not a contradiction, though it can be seen as such.

The Spirit of Vatican 2 is nothing more than Protestantism, et al cloaked in Catholic language. Attack the misunderstanding, not the Council or the Church or the Pope.

See Jayne's post above as well.

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