Trent contra Long-Term Sedevacantism
It seems the Council of Trent is against long-term sedevacantism:
  • The Church's hierarchy is essential to Her:
    Quote:DZ 966 Can. 6. Si quis dixerit, in Ecclesia catholica non esse hierarchiam, divina ordinatione institutam, quae constat ex episcopis, presbyteris et ministris an. s. (cf. DS 1768) {DZ 966 Can. 6. If anyone says that in the Catholic Church there is no hierarchy, instituted by divine ordinance, which consists of the bishops, priests, and ministers: let him be anathema [cf. n. 960].}
  • The Church's hierarchy cannot be replenished without a Supreme Pontiff:
    Quote:DZ 968 Si quis dixerit, episcopos, qui auctoritate Romani Pontificis assumuntur non esse legitimos et veros episcopos, sed figmentum humanum: an. s. {DZ 968 Can. 8. If anyone says that the bishops who are chosen by the authority of the Roman Pontiff are not true and legitimate bishops, but a human invention: let him be anathema [cf. n. 960].}
  • Therefore, the Church cannot exist, in the long-term, without a Supreme Pontiff.
The Church must exist for all time (St. Matthew 16:18); therefore, long-term sedevacantism is false.
This will make for a good discussion in the Cornfield.
(06-20-2012, 07:19 PM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: This will make for a good discussion in the Cornfield.
I should've posted it directly there. :LOL:
I'm far from falling into SVism, but I can see some flaws with the quotes/arguments you presented based on what I've heard from sedes.

1.  Sedes still do believe there is a hierarchy, just that there's a question as to whether BXVI is a true Pope.  They've still got bishops and priests and what they believe to be Apostolic succession.
2.  How does one define "long-term"?  In terms of church history, 100 years is a short timeframe, even for an interregnum (sp?).
3.  Sedes believe their bishops were ordained by other bishops who were ordained by a valid Pope, so the second quote would leave room for doubt.

Now I don't agree with these premises, but I think there are better arguments out there against SVism than the two quotes you provided.
Well, yeah, define long-term. 

I bet the Israelites thought their time in the desert was pretty long-term. 

yes, please do post in the cornfield.

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(06-20-2012, 08:31 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: Well, yeah, define long-term.
Not interegnum

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