Reparation is called for another Anti-Jesus and Mary blasphemy
(06-22-2012, 05:15 PM)jonbhorton Wrote: Imagine the outrage if one made a film portraying mohammed as the pedophile he was. What would the muslim reaction be? Violent and physical.

What about a film depicting Obama's mom as the slutty commie she was? Now that would be true, but it would be equally hated for its truth.

No, truth would be much too painful for America to see. That The Passion was so popular I think is more for the controversy it generated, not a draw to a positive portrayal of Christ.

But to show a film lying about Our Lord, disparaging Our Lady, and going completely against historical and cultural norms? Oh, it will be a hit but no theaters will burn down or blow up. No one will end up dead on an LA street, nor any associated coroners dead from poisoning.

And we're the bad guys... ?

I don't think there's any need to refer to Obama's mom as a "slutty commie." However,

I asked two "deist" friends of mine if we would ever see a film that treated Mohammed in the same manner this flick treats Christ and Our Lady. Even they agreed it wouldn't happen.

Religious films tend to be controversial, but this one is offensive trash. The controversy surrounding The Passion was about "anti-semitism," and maybe the violence.

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