Reparation is called for another Anti-Jesus and Mary blasphemy

Baby cells stay in a mother when she conceives, no matter if she aborts, miscarries, or delivers.

Since Our Lady gave birth to Christ, conceived by the Holy Ghost, she retained cells of His Body, which is/are joined in hypostatic union to His Divinity.

Ergo, Our Lady was a walking tabernacle, as all are when receiving Holy Communion. But the accidents of bread break down, while the mother retains those cells, that element of body, for life.

She couldn't have sinned, for this would have been God allowing, nay, encouraging, the standard of perfect to fall by saying yes to Him. He set her aside, full of Grace, with ability to sin but knowing she never would for she was the New Eve who would crush the Serpent's head instead of listening to the words coming out of his fetid, hissy mouth.

Had she been born in sin, God Himself would have been knowingly placing in Our Lady the judgement of death on herself by inhabiting her womb, which He Himself was the blessed fruit of and is. Just as anyone who takes into themselves the Eucharist and His Real Presence, unworthily, is consuming unto death and not life.

God can't start the giving of life to the world's souls by corrupting perfection by default. Mary retained the cells of Christ. What loving Son starts His Mother out with an eternal handicap? Not God.

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