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Jesuits Implode(USF)
The American prowler ^ | 3/13/02 | George Neumayr
Posted on Wed Mar 13 2002 13:13:59 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by nickcarraway

Jesuits Implode

By George Neumayr

Published 3/13/02 12:03:00 AM

Were Ignatius of Loyola alive today, the Jesuit order he founded wouldn't ordain him. His once-formidable society is now a corrupt club for homosexual dilettantes and anti-papal dissenters. Real Catholics need no longer apply.

This article  is 10yrs. old & it's worse now than it was in2,002. There are almost twice as many ex-Jesuits, as there are those in the order. It is a shame to see this once great order in disarray.
As a new Catholic, this question about the Jesuits has me really scratching my head  ???

Reading Catholic history, the Jesuits were at the forefront of missionary activity, defending the faith etc... nowadays, i guess not so much.

Just what happened to the Jesuit order?  It seems they fell hard for new theologies/philosophies in the 20th Century?  That Tieldard Chardin fellow, Rahner?

Does anyone want to give the rundown on the Jesuits to a new Catholic?

(06-24-2012, 09:38 PM)miner_luke Wrote: Does anyone want to give the rundown on the Jesuits to a new Catholic?

I second that request.
welcome to the faith.  basically a good order of priests was poisoned by modernism and because of it is bringing bad fruits and is getting killed off.  

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