The Catholic is called to fight

by Rev. Marshall  Roberts

“I fear that the loving gaze of Jesus, so extolled by this pope, is liable to send him to join those so well described by Dante in the Inferno, for there is no love of truth without hatred of error. Let us pray he repents of his deeds before it is too late.

Let us remind ourselves of Blessed Urban II calling the First Crusade, of the Ecumenical Councils extolling Christians to fight the infidel, of Pope Saint Pius V calling Christendom to fight the Turk and joining this war to a rosary crusade to insure the defeat of the infidel at Lepanto! And what of Saint Bernard, the force behind the Second Crusade, of Saint Peter Martyr, Inquisitor for Lombardy, martyred by the heretics even as he sought to destroy the monster of Catharism? The entire history of the Church resounds with the voices of popes and saints calling Christendom to fight the enemies of Christ with prayer, but also with sword. We see Saint John Capistrano, humble Franciscan friar, leading the Christian forces against the Turks in the 15th Century; we see the Capuchin, Marco D'Aviano rousing the Austrians to fight the Turk in the 16th Century; we see the Catholic kings of Spain fighting the Moors and delivering Granada back to the Faith, while at the same time God granting them the fruits of a "new world". That is Catholicism, not the love-in at Assisi which is little less than the opening to Antichrist.
If we wish to push the matter further, are we to conclude that the Old Testament is only a book of lies about God, who gives Josue the instruction to destroy the pagans in the Promised Land? What of Judith and her violence against the enemy of Israel, whereby she cuts off his head and is declared forever blessed? What of God striking down the priests of Baal by command of the Prophet Elias? What of the Maccabees who take arms against Antiochus? Is this all a misunderstanding? or has the Pope dared to raise his voice against the Most High? God deliver the Church from liberals and blasphemers, and restore to us a Pope who actually is Catholic.”
If this is the one and the same Fr Marshall Roberts associated with the Society of St John (SSJ), and (Frs) Carlos Urrutigoity and Dominic O'Connor, et al., including a brief stint as a priest for a parish authorized by Bishop Timlin, BEWARE!  He was dismissed by the SSPX, as well kicked out as a seminarian from the IKC by Vice Rector Patrick Perez. 
If you wish to pursue a vocation within the military aspect of the Church then the only available option for a Trad, really, is the Traditional branch of the Order of Knights of Our Lady.
The father makes some good points but I don't usually listen to priests who publicly rail against the Holy Father, even when they're right.

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