The church of Nice has to go!
(06-26-2012, 02:09 PM)dueSicile Wrote:
jonbhorton Wrote:It's guerrilla warfare. This method of fighting destroyed the Romans. The Celts would train giant wolfhounds, and raise them by the thousands. They were war dogs. They were mean as could be to anyone not theirs. The Celts, knowing they couldn't defeat the amazing structure of the Roman formations, nor the organization and steadfastness with which the Roman legions fought, the Celts simply released, as it were, "the hounds of Hell". Once the Romans had used their lances up keeping these snarling, angry, demonic dogs at bay, and had lost all sense of order form the panic induced by such a sight, the Celts would hit hard, fast, and then, when they wanted, split.

And which of the Celtic peoples, pray, ousted the Romans out of whichever territory, or won a lasting victory over them? The Britons, the Gauls, the Celt-Iberians?

In fact, of all the Celtic lands that Rome invaded, most of them still speak a Latin-based languge to this day.

Christianity won the Celts, not Pagan Rome. Pagan Rome always had issues with them. They fought Rome everywhere they existed. Did they win totally? No, that's the point...

The gates of hell shall not prevail.  Your point?

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