Catholic Hero Dr David Graham of the FDA
I watched a documentary Prescription for Disaster by journalist Gary Null and a central topic was senior epistemologist of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr David Graham, fighting his own bosses over their processes in approving drugs back in 2004. In a nutshell the drug companies largely fund the FDA, as a result the FDA are under pressure to approve drugs they shouldn’t to maintain funding and they usually use the research of the drug companies to finally approve the drug’s release to the public! If the company doesn’t get the drug on the market it often stands to lose $1m-$2m a day so their interest is very strong to get it out there asap and for it to stay out there.  Vioxx a product of Merck & Co., Ink, an anti-inflammatory drug was a disaster with the number of people dying from it described as a “jumbo jet falling out of the sky every week.” In fact Vioxx killed more Americans than the Vietnam War.

Despite the dangers it posed it remained on the market for years whilst killing (heart attacks) and incapacitating (strokes) scores of people a week.  Dr Graham went before a senate hearing and blew the whistle on the drug as well as the processes used by the FDA in approving medicines, he was not a popular man at the FDA. In a pre-emptive move Merck withdrew Vioxx prior to the hearing. Interestingly Dr Graham a devout Catholic father of six said it was his religious beliefs and the conscience formed thereby that made him blow the whistle, if he didn’t other peoples blood was on his hands. He said with the governance processes in place the FDA was essentially broke to prevent another Vioxx disaster. Now where are the church haters and conspiracy theorists to applaud the Catholic Church in how it formed Dr Graham’s conscience which has resulted in tens of thousands of people’s lives being spared not to mention preservation of quality of life for thousands of others.

For his efforts he was named Forbes Face of the Year 2004:

I could only imagine the atmosphere in the workplace he would have encountered afterward, he was seen as a hero by many of his co-workers who were afraid of speaking up. He is still with the FDA and has been credited with helping remove other highly suspicious medications of the market.
FDA =  :censored:
It's amazing that he's still working.  Thanks for posting this.
(06-30-2012, 12:36 PM)per_passionem_eius Wrote: It's amazing that he's still working.

My thoughts also, I remember him saying there have been some very uncomfortable moments in the office. On the dvd it shows him speaking before the Senate fortunately he has fair bit of horsepower intellectually and his argument against the FDA/Vioxx was irrefutable despite their smear campaign and use of typical Aulinsky type labels as "junk/pseudo science".

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