Head of CDF on record: Four SSPX bishops should resign and close their seminary
(07-03-2012, 10:38 AM)Habitual_Ritual Wrote:
(07-03-2012, 09:18 AM)PatrickG Wrote: Oh, dear. This really can't get any worse can it?

What!?  This is the best thing ever.We know now that Rome is still the whore of Babylon and no deal would be beneficial or real.Great developments here.


Well, you know - I hoped Rome was not still the whore of Babylon, as you put it (a bit far for me, I must say). Rome is still Rome, however far she falls, the Pope is the Pope, and I tried to be hopeful she might have seen sense. Clearly, we are back to the old battle-lines. I have said before, the Society is far better inviolate, a lifeboat in the merciless sea, as the Church is pockmarked by heresy, so in that sense I suppose it is better, as we now know exactly where we stand, e.g. exactly the same as in the '70s, or dare is say back in one of the Church-rending heresies of the Dark Ages. I fear for the Ecclesia Dei communities, who will soon have the hounds after them courtesy of this man. I am upset as I hoped we did not stand there, and I got needlessly optimistic. Very silly of me.

Behaving like an adult, if we assume all of this to be true, and I am very frightened that it is, there is a heresiarch in the Church and I agree that we ought to be glad for this being cleared up, so we can see the enemy in all her power, all disguise sloughed off,  Modernism and Heresy run rampant. The very idea of this unspeakable Bishop at the head of the CDF makes me nauseous. However, I wonder if we should wait a while, and let us all pray for our souls and the Church.

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