Head of CDF on record: Four SSPX bishops should resign and close their seminary
(07-03-2012, 01:24 PM)per_passionem_eius Wrote: Of course.  I don't know many 60+ trads.  But mine wasn't a rhetorical question at all.  Maybe it's considered common knowledge that this is not news.  I'm still new to this, though.   


Are you familiar with the 2008-2009 "scandal?"  Basically, Bishop Williamson was a dumb dumb, gave his opinion on the Holocaust to a TV reporter.  +Williamson said "don't broadcast this, it'll get me in trouble."  Reporter broadcast it.  (This was what, late 2008 when the interview was recorded?  And then broadcast in 2009?)

Then in 2009 the Pope lifted the excommunications of the 4 bishops of the SSPX.  

And in 2009, +Mueller shot his mouth off in this interview with Die Zeit, because the Jews got their panties in a wad because +Williamson gave an opinion they didn't like.  Which of course makes him basically Hitler reincarnate.  Which means the media in Germany also got their panties in a wad, because the Germans have been beaten morally ever since World War II (which is a pity, although the younger generations don't give a damn, in my experience.  And by younger I mean 40s and below).  

The other interesting part about this 2009 ordinations business (Regensburg is the diocese where the SSPX seminary is, and where the ordinations for that year would have taken place) is that the Vatican seemingly had no issue with the ordinations, but +Mueller was creating a big show about things because of his opposition to the SSPX (saying that the four bishops should resign and disappear and they should shutter the seminary is pretty big, if you ask me), and then the Vatican was "OK" with SSPX transferring the ordinations to Menzingen.  

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