Head of CDF on record: Four SSPX bishops should resign and close their seminary
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(07-03-2012, 01:05 PM)GloriaPatri Wrote: To be fair to +Müeller this interview dates from the beginning ot 2009. Three and a half years is enough time for one to change their view on the SSPX bishops. Just saying.

I eagerly await public statements on his newfound love for the SSPX then.

I'm not asserting that he's done a 180, but it is possible that he does not hold such harsh views of the four bishops.

Since three years ago?  C'mon.  Stop being ridiculous.

He isn't some naive little boy.  He's a 60-something year old bishop. 

These are grown men and adults.  Stop coddling them for the things they do.

I don't know ... has anything happened in the last three years that might lead a Catholic to think differently about the SSPX?

Can't think of anything?
Define Catholic?
Or at least your description of "Catholic" in the above context..

Any Catholic. SSPX, liberal, neo-cath, Eastern, non-SSPX trad, sede.  They all have reason to re-consider their views of the SSPX given talks with Rome. 

I fit into one of your categories, but I still won't reconsider my view of the SSPX until they reconsider their relation with modernist Rome! It is absolutely absurd and contradictory.

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