Head of CDF on record: Four SSPX bishops should resign and close their seminary
(07-08-2012, 04:48 PM)lumine Wrote: Gerard, I am referring to the office of pope, the papacy, no matter which man is pope at the time.  The SSPX talks out of both sides of it's mouth, claiming allegiance to the pope and yet directly disobeying whoever the pope may be at the time. It can't be both ways and it looks like the SSPX is realizing the consequences of their actions.....

It's not about "whoever" the Pope is.  It's about obeying or disobeying what the commands are.   There is no talking out of both sides of their mouth.  The SSPX is being consistent.  Just as the post-Vatican II Popes have been consistently liberal, consistently opposed to tradition, consistently trying to foist that bad egg of Vatican II down everyone's throat and no matter how much honey they mix in there with it , it's stil a rotten egg.  
As long as the rotten egg is there, the SSPX is going to spit it out.  If John Paul the first had developed a plan to restore the Church and do away with the Novus Ordo, do you think the SSPX would have resisted him in the way they have to resist the Popes that want to continue the auto-demolition of the Church?  If any subsequent Pope had made it his goal to restore the Church to tradition, do you think the SSPX would be resisting him or would the liberals who have been enjoying this demonic treat for the last 4 decades?  

You want the SSPX to be obedient?  Well, the Popes have to be obedient to the reality of the crisis in the Church and their responsibility in causing it through their failures in their duties as Pope Pius X warned.  

This insistence on obedience as a non-contingent virtue is actually perverse.  Obedience is contingent upon Justice and Charity, if either one of those is compromised by obedience, it must be suspended and the superior resisted.


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