I get NOTHING out of Mass on Sunday
(07-08-2012, 06:38 PM)paul11b Wrote: So my three year old son is a complete nightmare at Mass. He continuously talks, tries to run around, gets loud, and I spend all of my energy at Mass just trying to get him to calm down and be quiet. It's VERY frustrating and I can't pay any attention during Mass at all on Sunday. The only time that I can actually get something out of Mass is if I go to daily Mass by myself during the week. My question is this, is it ok if I go to Sunday Mass alone while my wife watches the kids, and then she go alone while I watch the kids? I kinda would feel bad about that though cause I feel like they are Catholics too, even though they are young, so they should be at Mass. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to all the great advice given here, I must also add that my parents did this when I was little, until I was old enough to listen and behave - around age three.  When I got older, I feared my parents' wrath, so I knew that acting up in church wouldn't end well for me - and I had too much respect for God as a result of my religious education to want to act up, anyway.

So, while you and the missus continue to raise good Catholic children, don't feel bad about splitting up churchgoing. At least both parents are going to a Catholic Mass and have every intention of raising their children Catholic; you could be in a mixed marriage and only be able to attend Mass twice a month (if that), so it could be much worse.

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