I get NOTHING out of Mass on Sunday
Pilgrim and I used a different tactic.  We have two 3 year olds and one 2 year old.  We talk about "visiting Jesus and Mary" (the kids came up with these words - not me) and needing to be very quiet in church.  We practice our postures: the sign of the cross, genuflection, standing, kneeling.  We talk up church and discuss respect and how it is nice to do all these things properly.  We then make sure everyone is watered and has visited the bathroom before mass.  The kids know that if we leave the pew because we need to discipline them or take them to the bathroom that there will be a serious consequence.  We also praise the kids when we don't have any problems and generally reward good behavior.  Most of the time this includes a cookie following good behavior at mass and no cookie (while the siblings much theirs of course) if they needed to be disciplined.  So far, the effect has been darn near idyllic behavior at mass.  Our 2 year old will fuss and fidget a little but this is easily neutralized by moving him into a lap.  He is then perfectly content to be quiet most of the time.  This past Sunday, my eldest son (3) just wanted to sit next to be and hold my hand.  As long as I was next to him, he was perfectly quiet.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that we drive 1.5 hours each way to the TLM and still get this kind of behavior.  I think the most effective thing has been reviewing expected behavior every time.  It helps that the kids seem to really enjoy mass.  They ask to "go visit Jesus" during the week and like to go pray in front of the tabernacle (a word they mangle every time but try so hard to say).  I view these shorter visits as practice for Sunday mass.

I would encourage you to bring your son to mass with you whenever you can.  I know it sounds like a hassel but I think it will communicate to him how seriously you take your faith.  If he senses that mass is important enough to you for you to help him learn to be good during this time each week, his behavior will hopefully fall in line quickly.  He is not too little to understand that something is important and at least try to be good.

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