I get NOTHING out of Mass on Sunday
When my children were all small (now teens or left home), we trained them all week for the Mass on Sunday.  By the time you get to Mass, it's too late to implement much beyond threats.  We had reasonable guidelines (or so we thought) of quietness but they could have certain items with them.  We trained them to be fully participatory at certain times in the Mass .  (The bells rung at Mass help with that!)

For example, I trained the children to learn to be quiet with certain toys they could only have on Sunday by practicing being quiet daily for about the same amount of time as the Mass ( 1 to 1 1/2 hours).  I did reading aloud while letting them color, play with a doll, look at picture books, and the youngers learned to sit on my lap during that time.  My husband would assist with this as he could. 

They all grew to be able to do it by the time they were around 3, so it can be done.  It took time, patience, and training (lots of it) but it was worth it.  It was work, no kidding but a friend shared with me how she'd done it using "room time" and "blanket time" and "lap time" from the time they are wee babies. I have an even # of boys/girls...so boys can do it.  Admittedly, I had no children with ADD or ADHD.  And we don't do cartoons, etc.  Just lots of reading. :) Things that lengthen and strengthen their attention span.  I think this was important. 

Also, we made sure they had no sugar stuff at breakfast and tried to ensure they were rested the night before.

I will pray for your family!  :pray:

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