I get NOTHING out of Mass on Sunday
The latest issue in our house has been needing to go potty during mass.  So, we made a point of taking all 3 to the potty just before mass.  Our rule is you get to hold it and deal with the consequences if you have an accident.  Our kids have been able to hold it consistently for 3+ hours, so I'm not sure the requests to go potty were anything more than an excuse to leave the pew.  But, we have a routine we stick to before church:
1.  Everyone gets dressed in their best clothes.
2.  We sit down as a family and talk about going to church and how we behave.  (Review the rules)
3.  We all go potty.
4.  We go to mass.
Like GGG, we do have "quiet time" every day with books.  This seems to help because it develops the expectation that there are times in life when the kids just need to settle down.  At home, if there are mistakes, we can correct them easily.  This makes "practice" meaningful for both us and them.  I can see when our 2 year old is working up to something and read behaviors better if I see them more often.  They learn what the expectations are and get to practice meeting them. 

Not all kids are the same, but I would think discussing expectations and practicing behaviors you want at mass would help at least a little.

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