Favorite Friday Dinner Fish Dish
Mushroom soup and a mini baguette. Most fish tastes disgusting to me.
[Image: bavette.jpg]
Bavettine con le vongole

Here's an Italo-americani dish I like. Walleye breaded with breadcrumbs and Italian grated cheese like peccorino romano, then pan fried, and served on a bed of your favorite long pasta preferably egg pasta, with balsamella sauce.. Good cheap bottle of Orvietto or Soave helps too.

Ciao Tim,

For me, nothing beats baccalà from faraway Lofoten Island up in Norway done any way you like (livornese, vicentina, ecc.)

There's the Confraternità del Baccalà up in Veneto

[Image: targa_club.jpg]

But here in Rome there's Baccalà fritta alla romana

[Image: a.jpg]

I haven't seen baccala here in America since  maybe 1990.  For the Fisheaters eating pleasure a Tuscano favorite; Baccala Livornese;

(08-12-2012, 10:24 AM)jake-the-rake Wrote: [Image: bavette.jpg]
Bavettine con le vongole

When I used to live near Venice, this was a perennial favorite supper dish.
(08-08-2012, 05:55 PM)jonbhorton Wrote: Mushroom soup and a mini baguette. Most fish tastes disgusting to me.

That's something we can agree on. I only like Clam Chowder and Tuna Salad. Had lobster once in Cape Cod and nearly chucked. It looked like a giant cockroach.
Ciao 10th Crusader,

It's still my favorite as well. But diversity is good... so here is Pasta with mussels and raw tomato

[Image: cozze.jpg]

Unless you hate the whole genre - it's a mamma mia dish!
Ciao Jake,  We eat mussels often here in the Philippines, they are the green lipped variety we call tahong which are about a $1 per kilo.  When I lived in Hawaii they were so dear I felt guilty springing for a pound to make pasta.  Now, I laugh myself silly because I buy two kilos to whip up some pasta for me and the family.  The only thing that brings a tear to my eye is that my stash of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino Romano ran dry a few weeks ago and I can't get my hands on more, at a reasonable price, until I go to Hawaii next month! 
Ciao Hawaii,

The Phillipines! Sounds like seafood heaven! Never been, but there are lots of Filipino "gastarbeiters" here in Rome. There's even a union for the "LAVORATORI UNITI DELLA CORDILLERA DI ROMA" for those hailing from the provinces of Abra, Mountain Province, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao and the city of Baguio. (I know because I had to translate their statute).

And then years ago, when my late father was doing well economically, he had Lourdes as his live-in maid... wonderful wonderful wonderful. Unfortunately she took ill and died prematurely, but Dad, who was a good soul kept his promise of looking after her son. La famiglia!

I'm only half a foodie. It's all my brother's fault because like I said, he's a chef who gets sent to all of Italy's regions and provinces for a food program... and he regularly sends me pictures with his i-Phone. I had to create a special directory just for him. Doesn't write much.  This below came in simply with "Ricci" (Sea urchin)

[Image: ricci.jpg]

Day before yesterday: polpette baccalà in sweet and sour onions (Tropea onions)

[Image: polpette.jpg]

Hardly a day goes by without these yummies reaching my mailbox.

I guess you can see why I'm conducting a private war against fast food franchises... though there's also a very dark side to modern society's recent obsession with food... It's the last shared art... and since it has to be eaten, it's harder to get away with the equivalent of this "capolavoro" of modern figurative art:

[Image: fountain%5B1%5D.gif]

But that's just wanting to get polemical.

No parmigiano or pecorino? I'd be wearing a black armband!


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