Request for Graphics Assistance
I am hoping that someone far more savvy than I could in charity create a header banner for the Divine Office micro blog I am trying to get off the ground at

I need a properly themed banner with the words Divine Office on a nice graphic, size is 800 x 120 pixels.  Something with Monks praying the Office would be ideal, provided a large enough image is out there that could be manipulated. 

Any and all help or advice appreciated. The goal is to twin a micro blog and twitter account to broadcast snips of the Office and related commentary.  Blog partners welcome too. 
this is nice.  We need a stronger trad presence on tumblr
[Image: 7_Times_A_Day1.jpg]

Is that any good?  I know of a few more images that would go well with the meditations you are using from the collegeville set.
How's this?

[Image: marienau63copy.jpg]
[Image: marienau632copy.jpg]
Thanks guys...I have used both of your ideas, one as the main logo banner (the one with the name of the blog) and the other missal art for the top sticky post explaining the blog.  Thanks!  I knew there were smarter and more talented people than I out there on FE :)
Great image, Josué.  I hope this isn't me just being anal, but it had some funny artifacts that I took the liberty of quickly cleaning up.  I'll put it here in case you want it, Allan.

[Image: 346np0w.jpg]
Much better, Pheo.  :tiphat:
To be honest, I thought it looked better before, with the black-and-white large drawing; the width of the content being the same as the banner's; and the sharp black lettering on white background on top. Though, Josué's banner as fixed up by Pheo is more appropriate than the old picture.
Thanks!  I'll swap it out!

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