Heresy, Schism, and Atheism
I have been told that heresy is a sin against faith, and schism is a sin against charity. Has anyone heard a dogmatic source for such a view?

Would atheism be a sin against hope?
Atheism would be a sin against faith.

Of course, when the theological virtue of faith is lost, so is that of hope, which is built upon it.
St. Augustine: "By false doctrines concerning God, heretics wound faith; by iniquitous dissensions, schismatics deviate from fraternal charity, although they believe what we believe" (On Faith and the Creed 9).
(07-19-2012, 03:04 AM)10th_Crusader Wrote: Would atheism be a sin against hope?

I think the sins against hope are despair and possibly presumption.  Atheism is generally classified as a sin against the virtue of religion (cf. CCC 2125).

Here's a good article on this virtue:
Thanks for the good references. I had been trying to remember these things from Catechism, but I couldn't recall the sources.

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