When was original sin removed from OT saints?
(07-23-2012, 10:35 PM)Melkite Wrote: I get your point and think it would actually be a good one if theology was something that could be proven.

  Euclid and Newton came up with mathematical and scientific rules that have stuck and been proven to be correct. 
No they did not ;)

Euclid made up five rules (at least) which are axiomatic. They cannot be proven. In fact, one is random (Fifth Postulate).

Geometric proofs rely on this axioms to prove things. The axioms themselves are more or less self evident and taken on authority.

There are other geometries which are not Euclidean and just as valid.

Quote:They're can be replicated.  You can't do that with theology, you either believe it is true or you don't.  It would be easier to prove that there was a black hole inside every cruise ship in the Caribbean than it would be to prove God instituted circumcision and that it actually has any effect on original sin.
You can do it with theology. St. Thomas clearly states that the "proof" is done a posteriori.

Quote:I can appreciate the idea of having one huge collection of theology so students have one source to go to, but theology doesn't work like that.  Aquinas is a scholastic.  Scholastic theology doesn't work for everybody, and just translating it into Greek won't remove a particular thought process that the theology is dependent upon.
Studying theology is not for everybody, but scholastic theology "works" for everybody unless you are saying that any science can be found not to "work" for everybody. It is a matter of truth.

Translation and cultural understanding can be a big hindrance to understanding precise words of another. The Chinese for example do not have a native word for "God" which caused some headaches for the first missionaries (Chinese religious beliefs did not include a personal being of supreme power of any kind, so one was stuck with impersonal terms). But they managed to get the idea which was previously foreign to them.

Anybody who learns of the Trinity has to deal with terms and matters of truth which take more effort. This is what theology is for.

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