Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
I must say that I find the recent acceptance by the Holy See of cures of cases of Parkinson's disease to be deeply troubling. The pathology of Parkinson's disease remains unclear and therefore a cure may be due to any number of (as yet) unexplained causes. One of the miracles put forward for the canonisation of St Pius X involved the instantaneous cure of a nun from bone cancer after being touched by a relic of that holy prelate. Medicine cannot state with anywhere near the same kind of certainty that the pathology of Parkinson's disease has been removed.

Mgr P.E. Hallett touches upon this in the CTS pamphlet <i>The Canonisation of Saints</i>:

<i>The cautiousness of the Holy See in accepting miracles is proverbial. In Benedict XIV's monumental work will be found the criteria of a true miracle, and many examples of miracles rejected through lack of such criteria. <b>Any cure that could be attributed to autosuggestion, anything of the nature of hysteria, etc., will be rigorously excluded. Cures of epilepsy, etc., have been rejected, for it can hardly be proved that the disease will not recur</b>. It is useless to put forward cures where there has been an operation, for it will be held that the operation, rather than the intercession of the servant of God, was responsible for the cure. </i>

Questions about the nature of the proposed miracles aside, I think this unseemly haste to canonise John Paul II distressing. Let us - according to the demands of justice - hear how the participation of the late Holy Father in a Voodoo ceremony in the "sacred forest" at Togoville in Togo on the 9th of August 1985 is compatible with a candidate for canonisation.

From the Italian edition of <i>L'Osservatore Romano</i>, 11th of August 1985:

Ed è stato proprio un omaggio agli antenati il primo gesto compiuto da Giovanni Paolo II appena giunto a Togoville. Gli è stata portata una zucca secca riempita con acqua e farina di mais. Il Papa l'ha presa tra le sue mani e dopo un leggero inchino ha sparso l'acqua tutto intorno. Lo stesso gesto aveva compiuto questa mattina a Kara, prima di celebrare la messa. Si tratta di un'usanza alla quale i togolesi tengono in modo particolare. L'ospite accetta l'acqua, simbolo della prosperita, e la condivide con gli antenato spargendola su quella stessa terra che ne custodisce le spoglie mortali e lo spirito. Le breve cerimonia si è svolta nel piu assolut silenzio.

My translation:

"The first gesture which was made by John Paul II after arriving in Togoville was an act of homage to the ancestors. A gourd was filled with water and dry corn flour. The Pope took it between his hands and bowed slightly after the water was scattered all around. The same gesture was made ​​this morning in Kara, before celebrating mass. This is a custom to which the Togolese are particularly attached. The guest accepts the water, a symbol of prosperity, and shares it with his ancestors by scattering it on the same ground that houses their mortal remains and their spirit. The brief ceremony was held in the most absolute silence."

(I will email anyone who wishes a copy of the entire article)

This greatly troubles me since it seems directly contrary to the meritorious actions of the Martyrs when they chose torture and death rather than burn one grain of incense before a statue of Jupiter or the <i>numen</i> of Caesar. I think in particular of the Roman Martyrology for the Nativity of Our Lord:

"At Nicomedia, many thousand martyrs, who had assembled for divine service on our Lord's Nativity. When Emperor Diocletian ordered the doors of the church to be closed, fire to kindled here and there, a vessel with incense to be put before the entrance, and a man to cry out that those who wished to escape from the fire should come out and burn incense to Jupiter, all with one voice answered that they preferred to die for Christ. They were consumed in the fire, and thus merited to be born in heaven on the day on which Christ vouchsafed to be born on earth for the salvation of the world".

Has the principle of non-contradiction been repealed? Can it be both meritorious to accept and to refuse to participate in pagan worship?


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