Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
(07-21-2012, 08:11 AM)Tim Wrote: I have no problem if Bl.John Paul II is in heaven, but it stands what I said concerning time. It appears he is on the fast track solely because he was a geo-politician. His crazy escapades are still scandalous, like Assissi. While Pope Pius XII was Holy ! He saved 800,000 jews during WWII at the cost of possibly losing his Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Sisters and Monks. He personally shielded the Chief Rabbi Zoller and his family in the Vatican, who incidentally converted to Catholicism after the war. In my Parish our pastor was Archbishop Bernard J. Sheil. He was important and was what passed for a globe hopper in the 1950's. He would tell the priests and the sisters anecdotes from his travels. He told them and they told us, that Cardinals, Princes of the Church, would get down on two knees to receive his phone call. He was near Angelic, and I remember him and Bl. Pope John Paul II.


The aim of a canonization besides declaring the concerned person is in Heavens is to provide us, the catholic faithfuls, as an undeniable example of virtue. Was the late Pope so unambiguous?
If the job of the Devil's Advocate had not been suppressed by John Paul II himself, certainly he would not have even been beatified because the DA had the power to block the canonizations and beatifications if he could bring up something controversial in the life of the candidate to holiness.
If the late Pope is ever canonized, he would have to apologize to many people whose canonization was blocked by the DA because of minor controversies in their holy life. That is a matter of justice, in my opinion.

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