Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
(07-21-2012, 07:35 PM)Stubborn Wrote: NO = Novus Ordo,  the New Order whose tradition goes back a whole 50 years + / -. Most say it is "an approved Rite", but they do so without regard to it's condemnation by the Perennial Magisterium.

A canonized saint used to be declared such only after proper and lengthy investigation by competent members of the Church's specially appointed clergy and perhaps scientists, doctors, witnesses etc. ad nausem.........by the time the findings were completed, all doubt was removed or there would be no canonization. If all doubt was removed, the pope would then declare the person a saint. In a nutshell, all the pope pretty much did was make it all official - but he did so based on all the investigations and proofs.

These days, there is no competent clergy, no proper investigation, no devil's advocate - all there really is, is whatever the pope says, as though he is able to make a heretic a saint by a papal declaration.

Perhaps PJP2 will never be canonized, seems likely that he will though, as CP points out: "To canonize John Paul II would be to canonize Vatican II and all that it has wrought" - it is the next logical move imo.

O, I see.  I thought you meant just the canonization rite.  Thanks for explaining.

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