Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
What we do know is that God has permitted "Vatican II theology" and the changes of the Mass to occur and it does appear these things are a chastisement on the church. Is it possible that God used a good man and clouded his mind to inflict further punishment and are there any such precedents in scripture? By all accounts he practiced heavy bodily mortification (including regular flagellation), had a strong devotion to our Lady, etc so perhaps the more heterodox actions were a result of invincible ignorance. I also think of the assassin that shot him several times being astonished he wasn't killed and then there was the other failed plots to assasinate him. In a sense it seems God was making sure his reign was going to be a long one for reasons we may not understand. I believe his papacy was a massive debacle in particular the constant meddling in world politics without first having his own house in order, a drastically weakened church in the longer run has meant an inability to fight the evils currently pervading our society. How much knowledge he had of the sex abuse scandals we probably will never know whilst here. Just trying to reconcile his probable eventual canonisation with infallibility of the right decision being made. Canonisation as I understand means we can ask with confidence that persons intercession without the dangers that the soul we are praying to is actually in hell.

Interesting in the recently reported miracle of Pius XII that the man who was originally praying for JPII's intercession for his sick wife and unborn child back in 2005 saw him in a dream with a sad look on his face saying "I can't help you" but ask this priest (Pius XII). Perhaps he was in purgatory then.

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