Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
I don't get why Vatican II and the changes are a "chastisement" on the Church.

Those who don't like Vatican II have their own churches or masses (in the most part) and while it is sad to see there friends and relations losing their faith, I don't suppose they would choose to live at the time of the Black Death instead.  Nor indeed the middle ages (the real middle ages not the candyland Traditionalist fantasy).  Our lives are materially comfortable and we mostly have access to the mass and the sacraments.  If this is a Chastisment then what word will you use to describe fire falling from the sky and wiping out a chunk of humanity or straving in one of the antichrist's concentration camps?

Those who do like the changes made after Vatican II are just getting along hunky dory.  Unless you happened to be an adolescent of child who was raped by a Catholic priest, who exactly is being "chastised" here?

Pre-natal babies are getting chastised.  Syrians are getting chastised.  But I really do not see how the Church is, unless by the Church you mean some virtual "church in a box" ideal of perfection, which cannot be seen or touched.

Is it sad for Trads to see the Church in a mess?  Yes.  Is it confusing?  Yes.  But this is really is not a Chastisement, not in my estimation anyway.  This is the time of rebellion BEFORE the chastisement.

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