Healing of Colombian man could pave way for John Paul II canonization
(07-24-2012, 12:58 AM)INPEFESS Wrote:
(07-23-2012, 11:15 PM)Guardian Wrote: I saw the quote from St. John Eudes earlier, thanks.

My main point is that God chastises and then provides for those who remain faithful.  And its been done throughout history.  You can't seem to get past the chastisement part. 

I was responding to your post, which responded to the point about the punishment of bad priests with the argument that "We've had 'bad priests' since the dawn of the Church."

Sure we have, but that effectively ignores the point: that God will send a whole lot of them our way as a punishment. So saying, "We've had bad priests before" doesn't respond to the point that God will allow the world to become full of them as a punishment. It only reads like: "No biggie. We've had bad ones before, so why is that so bad?"

Arguing that "God will provide" doesn't respond to the point, since no one implied that He wouldn't provide. The only point made was that a plague of bad clergy is the worst kind of plague. No one argued that there haven't been bad priests before; nor did anyone argue that God wouldn't provide. These side points miss the point.

I thought it was an important point to add to the conversation. God chastizes us by sending us lots of bad priests, but don't lose hope.  Because He also provides good priests that we can depend on to teach the truth and shepard His flock.  I could have been stating the obvious, but maybe someone else got something out of it. 

It wasn't meant as a refutation of what per_passionem_eius wrote, or what St. John Eudes said.... although you seem to have made it your mission to prove how badly I missed the mark. 

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