TLM's and real life meet up in Milwaukee, WI this Sunday
Calling all Fishies!

I will probably - still firming up the details - be in Milwaukee this coming weekend for a long seminar that starts on Friday.

I am not sure what my schedule will be.  I will know more tomorrow.  Anyone interested in meeting up for Mass on Sunday or possibly in the evenings?

I also need to know TLM locations and time if possible!

CollegeCatholic road trip op. He does this. Make sure you buy him a beer.
Hey CC!  If I square this away and you make a road trip, I promise you a beer! :grin:

Anyone else?

I have had one Fishie respond they are interested by PM.  Any one else?

I am thinking either Saturday evening between 4 and 7 while I am away fromthe convention or at the ICKSP 10:00 High Mass at St. Stanislaus Oratory with a quick trip to St Josaphat's (sp?) as recommended by CC.

Any takers?

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