Solemn High Mass at St. Anne's, FSSP, San Diego
I attended the Solemn High Mass at St. Anne's in San Diego yesterday in commemoration of their patroness. It was my first Solemn High Mass and it was just awesome! The choir was fantastic!!! It was standing room only and it spilled out the door! Although they haven't finished with the restoration of the church yet, it is coming along nicely. I regret I didn't get to stay for the running of the saints because of a prior commitment, but it looked like it was going to be a very festive event. It's just amazing how much this parish is thriving, with so many diverse parishoners in the middle of a very crime ridden neighborhood. Praise be to God!!!
Going to be a growing problem with TLM parishes sooner or later, space and limited availability. People are willing to do a two + hour drive for weekly TLM, the turn away from the NO is slowly taking affect and there's more demand of the TLM. I can only imagine that this is one of the greatest bargaining chips the SSPX has in the talks, serving that growing demand more then most.
St. Anne's is a very kind, welcoming parish.  The pastor is very friendly, as is the choir director.  Both took some time to welcome us at our first coffee hour.  I love it there and would go every week if not for the distance.  Sadly, we haven't been to that TLM since we got our puppy -- he just can't be left alone long enough for us to make the drive, so we go to a former indult closer to home.
The FSSP runs this parish, they are very good!

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