A Fresh Attack on the SSPX (Western Catholic Reporter, Canada)
Quote:Nevertheless, Vatican officials are right in being cautious and even wary in making agreements with a group that rejects key elements of the Second Vatican Council. The council was not a four-year Church picnic among the bishops and other fathers who participated. It was an extraordinary and effective exercise of the Church's magisterial authority that was guided by the Holy Spirit and whose documents were promulgated by the rightful successor of Peter.

No pressure group has the authority to ask the Church to roll back or water down the teachings of Vatican II. The SSPX has rejected the council's teachings on religious liberty, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, the liturgy and the nature of Tradition. Such rejection strikes at the heart of Vatican II teachings.

Voilá qui est dit.

I thought VII didn't have any new teachings, as conservatives would say. Or that these "teachings" can be "interpreted via the hermeneutic of continuity."

Thank you, Mr. Argan. I have indeed made the right choices.

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